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Cat Condos for Sale

We all know cats LOVE their cat trees!

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Maybe it’s for bird watching birdwatching


sleepingcatMaybe it’s for snoozing

Maybe it’s for scratching on instead of your furniture! scratchingcat


Regardless of the many reasons behind why they love them we just know that they lead happier and more enriched lives if they are provided with one.  Don’t you want your cat to be happy!?


I have bought many different brands of cat trees over the years, but always seem to be disappointed with the quality.  Cardboard covered by cheap carpet, chemicals and toxic adhesives, flimsy screws that bend under the weight of a large cat, sisal rope that is easily pulled off by a cat’s nails.  These reasons and many more led me to Molly and Friends Cat Furniture Company, all of their furniture is hand made in the USA using only the highest quality materials, including REAL WOOD and no harsh chemicals!


I believe every cat should be the proud owner of a Molly and Friends condo, and that is why I chose to become a retailer of the best cat furniture on the market.  I try to keep the most popular pieces in stock but I can also take special orders on large condos or custom colors and have them shipped directly to you.

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