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Updated 9/11/20


Available~ seal point bicolor pet quality girl $2800.  Born 5/18/20.  Avery gets her beauty from her Dad, Hero.  But she’s not ALL looks, she’s got that sweet Ragdoll disposition to back it up.  Avery will be ready for her new home the end of September.


Available~ seal lynx point “mitted bicolor” pet quality boy $2500.  Born 7/6/20.  Zurek is a silly little guy that loves to go go go!  Everything is a toy..especially another kitten’s tail!  Zurek will be ready for his new home the first part of October.

Please feel free to send available kitten inquiries to Rachel@sunnyshorescattery.

The cattery is open to those with kitten deposits already in place.

By appointment only.

The cattery is currently practicing social distancing; wearing masks and limited visits. Door to door kitten transportation can also be arranged through a licensed courier.

All kittens go home with all age appropriate kitten vaccines, a Florida State Health Certificate, a FIVE year genetic/health guarantee, 30 days of free pet insurance, registration papers, microchip registration, a baby bed, and toys.

Please feel free to send available kitten inquiries to Rachel@sunnyshorescattery.


All kittens are altered and micro-chipped prior to placement in their new homes.

All kittens are litter box trained and have already begun their training to a scratching post.

For more information go to Adopting a Kitten

If you’re looking for a kitten please be aware of  “Bargain Ragdolls”

$500 deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred to a different kitten/cat. Deposits are taken AFTER kittens are born to place a hold on a kitten so it will not be made available to anyone else.

Pet Quality.  $2000-$2800  plus state of Florida mandated sales tax of 6.5%.  A pet quality kitten is the perfect new addition to a family. They are sweet, loving, gentle, and playful.  While they may be less than perfectly marked, they have all the “purrsonality” you’re looking for. All pet quality kittens are spayed or neutered (no exceptions) and microchipped.

Show Quality.   $2800-$3500  plus state of Florida mandated sales tax of 6.5%.  A show quality kitten is a family pet first and foremost.  The difference? A beautiful, perfectly marked kitten that comes with showing rights!  These kittens will come as close as possible to meeting the written Ragdoll standard.  If you’re looking for a fun hobby the whole family can enjoy then get a show cat.   Show quality kittens are spayed or neutered (no exceptions) and microchipped.

Breeding Quality.  Price Varies,  based on markings, type and pedigree of each individual cat.  We offer breeding quality cats occasionally to small registered Ragdoll catteries only which practice early spay/neuter.  ALL SUNNY SHORES RAGDOLL BREEDERS ARE GUARANTEED DNA HCM NEGATIVE! Contact us for more details.  Anyone I sell a breeding cat to must share my ideals and goals for the Ragdoll breed.

A portion of every Sunny Shores kitten is donated to The Winn Feline Foundation
“To improve the health and welfare of all cats”

Available~kitten is available for adoption
Evaluation~kitten is being evaluated for show/breeding. May come available
On Hold~waiting for deposit
Reserved~deposit received, kitten is no longer available

All Photos are Property of Sunny Shores Cattery

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our cats or kittens at any time or to anyone we feel is not the right home for one of our cats.

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