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My Ragdoll Boys

Rags2dazzle Strictly Business

aka Freckle with my son Gavin

Rags2dazzle Strictly Business~blue point bicolor.  Freckle, as I call him, is a product of my friend Addie and I working together, one of my boys and one of her girls produced my special BIG boy.




Marlcreek Alfred~blue lynx point mitted.  Thank you, Charmayne for entrusting me with such a great boy!



aka Reckless

SunnyShores Disorderly Conduct~cream point mitted~son of Alfred



aka Nessie

Bellomodolls Nesquik Edition~seal point mitted, co-owned with Bri from USAPurrs Ragdoll Cattery.  100% Traditional Pedigree.  Nessie joins us all the way from Germany, thank you so much Caro!  Visit Bellomodolls Ragdoll Cattery.



TICA Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Cherrydolls Black Mulberry~seal point bicolor, co-owned with Bri from USAPurrs Ragdoll Cattery.  100% Traditional Pedigree.  Mully joins us all the way from Italy, thank you so much Laura!  Visit Cherrydolls Ragdoll Cattery.


aka Cappy

TICA Triple Grand Champion N*Ragstar’s Caprize of USAPurrs~seal point mitted.  100% Traditional Pedigree.  Cappy is on loan from Bri at USAPurrs, I am so thankful he will be adding his wonderful pedigree, great type, and gorgeous blue eyes to my breeding program.



TICA Double Grand Champion American Hero VelykiNadiyi~blue point bicolor, co-owned with Bri from USAPurrs Ragdoll Cattery.  Hero comes to us all the way from Ukraine, thank you so much Larisa for such an amazing boy.  Visit VelykiNadiyi Ragdoll Cattery.

Retired Boys

Echoglen Murphy


TICA/CFA CH Echoglen Murphy of SunnyShores~seal point bicolor.

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