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Fake Website-SCAM ALERT

Stolen Cattery Name-Go to the bottom of this page for the Screenshots of the fake website.

In September 2021 while doing some routine maintenance on my website, www.sunnyshorescattery.com, I came across a website with a very similar name. Digging deeper, I found this website to be run by an online kitten sales scam ring.

Unfortunately, we now live in an age where online kitten sales have become rampant with scammers. 


  • A website has a whole load of kittens for sale CHEAP
  • In many cases, the fraudulent websites will not have the personal name of the breeder (s) or the physical address of the cattery listed on the website
  • Backdrops in Photos Are All Different
  • No Parents or Adults Shown on the Website
  • Lack of Social Media Presence
  • They create a sense of urgency wanting full payment upfront
  • If they only take a Western Union transfer or other wire transfers, Zelle, or gift cards for payment
  • If they cannot provide personal or vet references

The International Cat Association has a great website on how to spot online kitten scammers; Buyer Beware (tica.org) Some excerpts from this blog;

Here are some tips on how to research a cattery that you’re interested in:
● Don’t Buy on Impulse. Take the time to get to know the breeder and their cats. Follow them on social media
for a while to see the interaction and responses between them and their followers.
● Verify that they are a registered cattery.
● Verify that the kitten is in the possession of the breeder by asking for photos or videos of the kittens, with a
piece of paper with the current date and your name written on it.

For more information on pet scams, here are a few websites to help;

Fighting Online Puppy and other Pet Scams – Petscams.com

Avoid Pet Scams and Safely Purchase Animals Online (aarp.org)

BBB Study: Puppy Scams Full Study

Pet Scams (ipata.org)

Don’t Send Money Before You Feel it is Safe!

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