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Colors & Patterns

legal buy Finpecia online True Ragdolls have Blue Eyes

las citas por internet funcionan The Ragdoll comes in many pointed colors, just like other enter non related pointed breeds such as the Siamese or Himalayan.  All pointed cats will have blue eyes as the two genes are hand in hand but Ragdolls are not deaf like (some) solid white cats with blue eyes.  I work with standard pointed Ragdolls such as; seal, blue, seal tortie, blue tortie, seal lynx, blue lynx, seal torbie, blue torbie, red, and cream.  I do not work with chocolate or lilac pointed Ragdolls.

first kiss dating experiment In addition to point colors the Ragdoll also comes in 3 patterns; colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor.  Colorpoint having no white, mitted having white paws, and bicolor having white on their face and the complete bottom half of their body.

see I will try to show as many examples of Ragdoll color/patterns in the photos below…click on any image to enlarge

USAPurrs Hail to the Chief

enter seal point mitted

SunnyShores Lyonesse

Prolungatrice incimurrisci vivacchiante go here mappavo rinfaccerei infagottasse? seal lynx colorpoint

SunnyShores Gunny of Sonroserags seal lynx point mitted

SunnyShores Billie Holiday

otome dating games pc seal lynx point bicolor

blue point

here blue colorpoint

blue point mitted

blue point mitted

Razldazldolls Roll the Dice

allegra 60 mg bula blue point bicolor

blue point

buy toprol xl 50 blue lynx colorpoint

nexium 40 mg tablet blue lynx point mitted


blue lynx point bicolor

blue point

seal tortie colorpoint

SunnyShores Red Hot Slingshot

seal tortie point mitted


seal tortie point bicolor

blue point

blue tortie colorpoint


blue tortie point mitted

photo 4

blue tortie point bicolor

blue point

seal torbie colorpoint

blue point

seal torbie point mitted

blue point

seal torbie point bicolor

blue point

blue torbie colorpoint

blue point

blue torbie point mitted

blue point

blue torbie point bicolor

blue point

red colorpoint


red point mitted



red point bicolor

blue point

cream colorpoint


cream point mitted


cream point bicolor